How to spray tan with machine?

To achieve, the best natural looking tan, it is essential that you know how to spray tan using a machine. Whether you are using the machine for your spray tan business or home use, ensure that you follow the right procedures for the best results. Today, tanning has gained popularity among most people, but most of them do not know how to spray tan. Below are guidelines on how to spray tan using a machine to achieve professional results.

1. Exfoliate before the procedure

The most important step before spray tanning is to exfoliate in the shower. You should ensure that you scrub well the skin you want to spray tan to remove the dead skin. For exfoliation, you can use a scrubber and wash thoroughly. You should also remove any hair on the skin by shaving. One of the benefits of exfoliation before you spray tan is that it will increase the number of days of the spray tan.

2. Know how to hold the gun correctly

Spray Tan Practice

During the spray tanning procedure, it is crucial that you are comfortable while holding the gun. You should practice before the procedure to find the best position that suits you. In most cases, the gun helps in a vertical position to help a person spray tan in all directions. You should hold the gun at least 30 cm away from the skin when spray tanning. However, if you want a darker tan, the gun should be held close enough to the skin. It is recommended that you first apply the first coat and you can repeat a second coat by applying quickly and lightly for better results.

3. Practice on cardboard first

For beginners, it is essential that they practice on cardboard before spray tanning on the skin. Practicing will help you know the best way to hold the gun and master the techniques easily.

4. Set up a room

You should have a separate room that you will use the spray tan machine. The process of spray tanning can be messy and having a separate room will help you clean easily. The room should have proper ventilation so that you do not inhale the overspray. You should note the amount of overspray will depend mostly on the spray tan solution that you use.

Spray Tan Model

5. Drying time

After tan spray, it is important to allow the skin to dry. It helps the access solution on the skin to dry up with the air from the machine. The time it takes to dry depends on whether it is winter or summer. For winter, you can use a heater and in summer a fan. Normally it takes about 5 minutes for the solution to dry up completely. Allowing the solution to dry on your skin helps one to avoid feeling sticky on the body.

If you have not yet started tanning, follow these procedures, and you will enjoy the results. Spray tanning is safe with the right machine, solution and the above steps and the results you get are a beautiful tan with no streaky patches.