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Welcome Section

Welcome Section

If you’ve come looking for a trusted source of hard-hitting news, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re dedicated to our storytelling and sharing the information you need to know. In today’s world, there’s so much fake news and misinformation swirling around that you need something to cut through the noise.

We’re the most reliable source of news on the web, your one-stop-shop for anything you need to know about the pressing issues in today’s crazy world. We’re here to be a source you can trust and rely on, somewhere that you know you can go to when you need it.

Our Goals Section

Our goals here are simple.

We aim to keep you informed, educated and in-touch with the pressing issues of today’s complicated world in an accessible and easy to read style. To give you the news you’ll need to know, the things your co-workers will be talking about around the watercooler the next day. That’s it. No spin, no partisan perspectives, no fake news.

We’re the most reliable source of facts out there, cutting through the noise as your one-stop-shop for anything you need to know in today’s wild news cycle. We’re a source you can rely on, somewhere you know you can trust.

Our Goals Section

Our Team

Lauren Uhde

Andrew is a civil engineer with a degree in physics and natural science. He’s a science enthusiast and educator in his free time and in his activism and philosophy of scientific skepticism. He’s an active member and manager of the Sacramento Area Skeptics Non-Profit Organization for the pursuit of positive science education and critical thinking in the Sacramento Area.

Lauren Uhde – Writer, Sound of Science Host

Frank Mosher

Angelo Niosi is a lover of Science and Critical Thinking. He holds degrees in Biology, Natural Sciences, and Liberal Arts. Angelo currently attends UC Davis and is studying molecular and cellular biology. Angelo is the founder of SkepFit and The Science Communication Project, and runs the corresponding Facebook pages and websites.

Frank Mosher – Writer

Bobby Cole

P. J. has three quarters of a BA in psychology, half of a BA in philosophy, and enough books to fill the library in Beast’s castle. An ardent supporter of skepticism, scientific literacy, and secularism, he can often be found lurking in comment threads promoting these ideals and apologizing for Florida, where he currently resides with his three cats.

Bobby Cole – Writer

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